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How To Make A Shelf Out Of Pallets

Are you planning to recycle some pallets by making a shelf out of them? Do you know how to make a shelf out of pallets? Any pallet projects require creativity and a sense of work with woods.

An untidy and messy home might put you in humiliating and awkward circumstances whether invited or uninvited guests pay a visit. Shelves can be really beneficial in resolving this issue.

Because shelves might be pretty bare and straightforward or highly elaborate and decorative, you’ll need to settle on a style.

In this article, we will get you through the step by step process of making a shelf out of pallets. Let us get started;

Why pallets are the most suitable material to make a shelf?

If you want to re-use wood at home, a pallet is the best choice. If you want a quick summary, we’ll give you that in a few words:

This wood is cheap, mostly free, strong, durable, and long-lasting. There are some great ideas for shelves that you could make out of pallets if you use the tools to move them around.

DIY shelves would illustrate how to give your bedroom, living room, entrance, and even your bathrooms a clean look.

You could use pallet wood shelves to add rustic and traditional flair to your home decor. They come in a wide range of rustic hues and textures to add to your decor. Try these at home. They’re the place where beauty and form come together.

Making A Shelf Out Of Pallets

Now, let’s get started with making a DIY shelf out of pallets. We will explain step by step. The steps are super easy to follow;

Materials you will need:

  • Two pallet lengths that are more than 3ft.
  • 25mm wood screws
  • A measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • A Ruler ( 300mm)
  • A Wood saw (I used a chop saw)
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill Driver
  • 3mm drill bit and countersink tool

Step One: Prepare your Pallet wood.

Measure the length of both of the Pallet lengths you have. If they are more than 3 feet tall, then follow this step. If they are already precisely 3 feet tall, then skip this step.

When you need to measure something, use your tape measure. Measure 3 feet on both sides with a pencil. Add a single 90-degree line to the mark to finish it off. Make sure to cut a straight line.

Start cutting each mark with the saw. Keep your eyes open when you use machines like this one. Because they can be dangerous. 

Always wear goggles and turn off the machine when it isn’t used.

Step Two: Make the support for your shelf.

Making the support is very simple. It’s just two right triangles. To do this, measure the length of the back piece and draw it down. Take away the depth of the back piece and write this down. Then, with the chop saw, cut this line. It’s easy to figure out how wide the top shelf unit is. You might have to change the machine.

Step 3: Sand the Wood and Construct the Shelf

As you must send the entire surface, this stage takes the longest. Use an orbital sander if you have one. It will be a lot simpler and quicker.

If you think the surface is too rough, you can use a wood planer to smooth it down. You will need 25mm screws, a countersink bit, a 3mm drill bit, and a tri square to build the shelf.

Make sure the pieces fit together before you start drilling holes. Use a pressure clamp to secure all of these components together and check that everything is square to each other with the tri square. Drill holes where the support will go on the back piece with the drill.

Each support should be secured with two screws. After drilling two holes for each support, countersink the screws with the countersink bit. Place the top piece and fix it in place with the clamp once this is done.

Drill two holes in each support with the drill. After that, secure it with a couple of screws.

And that is how your Pallet shelf is done building. 


What is the best saw for cutting pallets?

When working with wood pallets, a reciprocating saw comes in handy for cutting the pallet boards where nails are present. A reciprocating saw comes with various blade designs that can cut metal and wood. When equipped with a wood/metal blade, it becomes one of the most effective instruments for dismantling pallets.

Is it difficult to disassemble pallets?

Pallets can be a terrific source of lumber for your DIY projects. Still, they can take a long time to disassemble, and it’s possible to harm the wood if you’re not careful.


You’ll adore cleverly hanging this multi-functional shelf. DIY wooden pallet shelves are more inexpensive and durable than prefabricated shelves. 

Making a DIY shelf out of pallets may take a while and some labour. But the final result is will be mindblowing.

Following the above steps, you can make a shelf out of pallets. You can also look for more designs and ideas.

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