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How To Make A Barn Door Out Of Pallets

Are you planning to make a  barn door out of pallets? Do you know the steps of how to make one? 

Consider DIY solutions when you’re thinking about putting a new barn door in your home. They’re often more economical, satisfying, and adaptable.

A pallet barn door adds charm, saves space, looks great, and is inexpensive and straightforward to create.

Pallet Barn Doors will look fantastic in an office, a closet, or anyplace else where furniture clearance is a problem! You may find a lot of pallets that have been left placed outdoors to age naturally for many months.

This article will explore the steps to making a barn door out of pallets. Let’s get started;

Ways Recycling Pallets Can Help 

Reusing pallets can be a blessing for our environment. The money you spend to save by recycling elements of your logistical operation is matched by the waste saved by your efforts.

Pallets can be utilised in the house. Outside of cost savings, there are many tangible benefits to recycling pallets. Here are reasons why you should recycle pallets :

Pallet wood may be used to reduce consumption in the house. Pallets may be recycled in various ways, including tossing them away and forgetting about them. The salvaged wood may be utilised in various ways throughout the house. There’s no limit to what you can do with a repurposed piece of wood, from making furniture to fixing fences.

Recycling reduces the use of plastics.

Plastic pallets function in businesses where sterilising is required quickly and easily. They’re also great for stacking in certain storage situations. The more wood pallets in use, the less we will need to depend on plastics to do the task.

Enhance Safety

Pallets that have broken are a safety issue in the workplace. If a delicate board breaks during transportation, personnel handling damaged pallets face an increased risk of puncture wounds, cuts, or falling the pallet. It’s a good idea to have a backup strategy for outdated pallets. The best option is to recycle them.

Reduce the number of storage spaces

The pallet storage area may be reduced by using a closed-loop pallet system. You’ll have a safety stock that isn’t continuously kept inside your plant since your pallets are regularly recycled and returned. Pallet inventory will take up less yard/door space as a result.

How To Make A Barn Door Out Of Pallets

Now, let’s start making a barn door out of palettes. The procedures will be super easy to follow. 

Supplies you will need:

  • Screws that adjust to the thickness of the wood you’re using
  • Stain of any colours you like
  • Sealant of your choice: polyurethane, varnish or anything else you prefer
  • 4’ x 8’ ½” thick plywood sheet
  • 3-4 pallets, dismantled, nails removed, and sanded for smoothness

Make the Track

Begin the project by creating a track for the door swing and marking the radius. Then, gather measurements to construct the door. Use the components listed in the supply list for the track, mechanism, and associated hardware. You can also get it at most big-box home improvement shops.

To give the metal track some stiffness, use a board to back it up and keep it away from the wall to clear the door and roller mechanism.

Assembly the Track

After mounting the track above the door, determine the “distance from the bottom of the track to the floor” and the “height of the track assembly.”

The height of the door is calculated as “the distance from the bottom of the track to the floor” minus any space you desire between “the track assembly and the door” and “the bottom of the door and the floor.”

The “length of the door hangers” may therefore be determined by multiplying “the height of the track” by “the space between the door” and “the bottom of the track.”

Then add enough length to connect to the door’s side stiles.

Assembly the Door 

Create the door by re-sawing some more oversized pallet rails.

Bring the corners closer and use water-activated glue and pocket holes to connect the parts. Leave out some glue if you need to make adjustments during the build process.

To add to the aged look of the door, use hands to smooth the door in some places. But leaving natural patterns in some places would make it look even better. Don’t go overboard here.

You just need to slightly refine the look of the pallets without removing all the highs and lows created when the pallet was sawn. 

Once you have the frame rails and woods looking the way you want, cut the “slats”. Use a similar method to smooth.

 Fit them into the door frame and nailed them with the nails.

Use Stain and Sealant

You can use various techniques to highlight the distressing features of the rough sawn lumber, such as blending some flat black spray paint randomly.

Tape off the door if you want the frame to appear slightly darker than the door. Then apply a heavy stain coating.

 Let it soak in. Do not wipe any of the stains off. Once this process is complete, remove the tape.

Finally, spray 2 coats of lacquer over the entire thing once it has dried for several hours. 


Most of us use plastic doors nowadays, which is light and can come in various designs. But we have to keep in mind that environmental pollution is rising day by day due to plastic. Using pallets for DIY projects is great for our environment and budget.

Making a barn door using pallets may take a while and some leabour. But the final result is beneficial in many aspects.

Following the above steps, you can make a barn door. You can also explore more designs and ideas.

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